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We’ve always said “it’s about what you come home to”. If you are uninspired by what you see around your home or business – it’s time to call the professionals.

It’s always great to have a chat with someone whose job it is to ‘think outside the square and offer a fresh view’.

Our motto is simple “what makes us happy is making people happy”. For us, this is the most rewarding industry on the planet. If you can just imagine finishing your job and leaving your Client with a smile on their face every time. It’s ‘feel good’ magic.

MJ’s Landscape & Gardens can develop a concept around your budget regardless of its size. We utilise materials that fit with your budget so it is possible to tailor the same plan with many different ‘looks’. If you have done your homework and have ideas of your own, we can simply follow your instructions, measure up and prepare a proposal accordingly.

We have a maximum 24 hour turnaround from the site visit to delivering your proposal. Wherever possible we endeavour to prepare and deliver your proposal on the same day as the site visit. We also promise to follow up, in a timely manner, so you can ask questions if you need to.

There are so many variations to a concept or plan that can be integrated effectively into your landscape to make it feel inviting, relaxing and just a great place to come home to – or even go to work to. It may be possible to expand on what you already have – or simply start again with a clean slate. No matter what the scenario – we are there to help and offer advice on the many options that are available to you.

Regardless of how big or small your project is, we will set an appointment and show up. We realise this can be unusual – but yes, we will show up! We have somewhat of a reputation because we actually do this – not just sometimes, but always. The words “oh good – you came” are not lost on us.

For any inquiries or commendations, please call: 0451 533 305 or fill out our online form

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