Landscaping challenging slopes

Landscaping challenging slopes

In the beginning, building a new home can seem to be an exciting option. For a start, you are creating your own space – it’s all new and you are getting what you want, not what someone else may have wanted years before.

BUT……there are some downsides. Most of the flat land has already been built on. Most new estates are now developed on slopes and hills. This leaves a challenge once the house is built on a cut & filled block. How to landscape it?

In this scenario  our Clients house was 1.6m above the nature strip. A steep driveway was put down but there was still the front yard to complete.

Located in Moggill, 25 mins from Ipswich by ferry, MJ’s devised a plan. We built 2 retaining walls starting on the lower boundary. To the LH side of the wall MJ’s built a staircase with a landing in the middle to work in with the distances between the two walls. We used Adbri Quadro 400mm x400mm pavers for the step treads. This created a beautiful and functional entry to a challenging space.

The walls were built with Adbri Versawall blocks which link together. A 400mm x 300mm concrete footing was poured into trenches containing 12 guage 3  bar trench mesh throughout.The blocks had deform bar through them and when the walls were completed they will filled with concrete before the caps went on. The attention to detail in the construction of the walls is essential when you want the completed project to stand the test of time.

Drainage is a vital part of a project like this. Behind each wall we put 100mm socked agi and drainage gravel nearly to the top finishing with soil ready for planting or turf.


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